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I love to dream.

Supernatural. 'Nuff said. ;)

I miss Bon Scott.

I check out every blog that follows me! I hope you have a wonderful day! God bless! I love you! Stay strong & stay free! PEACE OUT
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KARA: Will... come here... Show me your face... 
I want to burn you into my memory.
Your eyes. Your nose. Your mouth. Your hair. Your voice.
The warmth of your hand... WILL: Don't worry. I will search you out.
No matter how long it takes. Hundreds of years...
Thousands of years... I will come to you.
So take care... Close your eyes...

  • Track: To the New World
  • Artist: Yasuhiro Kawasaki
  • Album: Illusion of Gaia OST
  • Plays: 183
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The many appearances of Quintet’s Turbo the Dog…

Every game in Quintet’s Soul Blazer trilogy features a dog named Turbo.

Soul Blazer: Dr. Leo’s dog and founder of Greenwood village is named Turbo.

Illusion of Gaia: Turbo can be found outside of the man’s house in Diamond Coast.

Terranigma: When you meet Meilin in Louran, you will discover that her dog is named Turbo.

Turbo is also found in Robotrek, hanging out in the hero’s hometown of Rococo.