Hey there! Name's Steph. ;) There isn't NEARLY enough room here to tell you all about myself though...
From: Ontario, Canada. Destination: Somewhere over the rainbow.
I post/rb the randomest things because I'm a random person with a wide range of variety.
So yeah in other words, my blog sucks in to the 3rd degree. :D

I love to dream.

Supernatural. 'Nuff said. ;)

I have a crush on Bon Scott.

I check out every blog that follows me! ;) I hope you have a wonderful day! God bless! I love you! Stay strong & stay free! PEACE OUT
oh and sorry if I talk too much

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they should invent

a treadmill

with a laptop built in

and unless you were walking, the internet wouldn’t work

like you had to be walking on it, you can’t just trick it and stand on the sides

i would lose so much weight

the faster you go the faster the wifi

Now that’s motivation


wow look at sammy go he needs the internet for research. 

*furiously jogging* so gET THIS